Piece of Art that Adorns "Taj Mahal" - Inlay Work  or Parchinkari or Pietra Dura

Inlay Marble Crafts
are patron of Inlay Art or Parchinkari or  
Pietra Dura . We started as a Small Factory in 1990 with only five artisans working in a factory.We grow day by day  by working hard  and set up  a huge factory in which about 50 artisans worked and now we create a big  network of artisans working in Agra. Hundred of articles having a piece of art that adorned Taj Mahal and other Mughal Monuments  has been made by different artisans to preserve this unique and an antique art.
People come from all over the world appreciate this art after seeing the beauty of this art. They love to have the Articles of this art.We are here to provide you the pieces of this inspired art.The articles we made are prepared by high skilled artisans in our premises.This art has been entrusted to the artisans by their ancestors,who learned this art from artisans of the Mughal era.
We take the quality of or product very seriously and purchase finest quality marble from Makhrana town in Rajasthan.
Real quality, rare and selected beautiful semi-precious stones with highly processed method are used to inlaid in Marble Decorative Articles.

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