Monday, 31 July 2017

Manufacturer,Exporter,Wholesaler & Retailer of Table Tops,Plates,Boxes,Tiles,in Agra :ORDER HERE!

We, INLAY MARBLE CRAFTS provides you a wide range of products.

TABLE TOPS:We use inlay work in making beautiful WHITE MARBLE INLAY TABLE TOPS . These marble inlay table tops are used as DINING TABLE TOPS , coffee table,side table.Other color of marble we use for making inlay table tops is  black, green, pink and yellow. Marble inlay table tops come in different shapes--rectangular, octagonal, square and oval. The material used for white table tops is mainly Indian white makrana marble of which Taj Mahal is made.For Black table tops we use black Cuddapa, for green- Baroda green and for yellow we use Jaisalmer stone. Makrana marble also comes in pink color. We have made many Pietra dura Italian design table tops in black marble in the past which can be seen in our black table tops section.

We also make inlay bases for the table tops with the same color and inlaid design as the table top.

Other marble handicrafts items with inlaid designs:
Plates, Boxes, Trays, Coasters, Coaster sets, tiles, Chessboards, Backgammon boards, photo frames, Taj models, pen holders, card holders, ashtrays, paper weights,flower vase, pots, cups, glass, elephants, wall panels, wood inlay and any other item required by our clients in inlay or in stone.
Besides the table tops which we make in different colors the other marble inlay items are also made in different marble or stones.

All the marble inlay items are very popular mainly because of their aesthetic beauty and durability. They are very good for gift also. People buy them as corporate gifts, wedding gifts.

Color combination:-  All the items we make are in different color combinations mentioned below.One design can be made in various color combinations mentioned below. So if you like a design but want in different color combination it can be done by us on order.

1.Multiple color combination --where we use many semi-precious stones lapisLazuli (blue), Malachite (green), Cornelian (orange), Paua shell (colorful shining),mother of pearl (white shining).Coral (red).

2.One color :--  lapislazuli, Malachite, Cornelian,paua shell are used mainly with little use of other stones.

3.Combination of Two stones : Examples of two color combinations are given below.Besides these there are also other possibilities.

a) Lapis & Malachite (blue & green),
b) Lapis &Paua shell. (blue& shining)

c) Lapis & Cornelian (blue & orange)

d) Malachite & Cornelian (green & orange),

e) Malachite &Paua shell,(green & shining)

f) Cornelian & Paua Shell  (orange & shining),For More Info:- Drop Your Information :-Email us:-  Call To Us:- +919927641146

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